- America -

Where are we now - and how did we get here?


A Musical Snapshot of the psyche of America

political folk/rock and roll

"We were beautiful, under spacious skies

If only we'd been wise...."

13 songs about the condition of America today and the forces that shape this great nation.

  • American Dream
  • The Hope Of Freedom
  • No Place To Lay My Head
  • Make Me Famous
  • Monotone
  • Perfect Things
  • Junkyard
  • Waiting In The Lobby Blues
  • We've Got A File On You
  • Foreign Aid
  • This Means War
  • A Great Man
  • Power To The People

We were beautiful under spacious skies
If only we'd been wise . . .

I love my country, but I hate what I see
I speak my mind in the Land of the Free

I had a nightmare, woke up with a scream
I witnessed a murder
The American Dream

They worked by stealth, then out in the light
There was no army to fight the good fight
We sat at home and watched on the news
Believed what they told us
Missed all the clues

I had a nightmare, woke up with a scream
I witnessed a murder
The American Dream

What was the cause do you reckon
The motive was greed
Poison the weapon

We have a sickness, it's out of control
It rages through us body spirit and soul
We've got to work and find us a cure
For it's not too late, of this I am sure

I had a nightmare, woke up with a scream
I witnessed a murder
The American Dream

We killed it dead
The American Dream


Don't moan and groan, complain and holler
Use your vote, vote your dollar.

Make Change in our world

Use your power - consumer power-

The Power Of Money

If you don't like something -

follow the money trail, then:

- Boycott -

Herein lies the power of the people.

Cabin In The Hills Mardell McCombs

Tales of love and loss

Tales of feuds

Tales of moonshiners

All the beauty, magic, and mystery of the Appalachian Mountains

A three CD collection of traditional Appalachian Mountain ballads brought to America by early immigrants of centuries ago, many who settled in the isolated backwoods of the Appalachian Smokey Mountains.


In these ballads, dating mainly from the 1600 to 1700’s you will find the following tales:

The ghost of a dearly departed that is summoned from the grave, gives doleful warnings.

A fair maid receives nocturnal visitations from a shape-shifting sea creature.

Plus stories sung in song of murder most foul, a serial killer, infanticide, love, lust, betrayal, and the mother-in-law from hell!

Not to mention the curious case of The Little Pig.



In vol. 2 you will find:

Noble knights and fair ladies.

Ignoble knights and faithless ladies.

A dastardly villain gets his comeuppance!

The sorrows and pleasures of love.

Bonnie Prince Charlie takes the cake.

A lively groundhog hunt.

And the ever popular talking parrot.



In this final trilogy of mountain ballads:

More medieval melodrama!

Including, but not limited too-

Murder, mysticism, magic, marriage, tragic love and cruel vengeance.

An elfin knight, a wicked sister and a really creepy town.

Another talking bird. (A very fine bird.)

And a ram worthy of P. T. Barnum.



Lyrics: A Simple Life

We put in a good long day
In the pasture bailing hay
Working till the suns fading light
Get ourselves washed up and then
Have some supper and turn in
That old beds sure gonna feel real good tonight

I like living in the country
It don't take much to keep me satisfied
A little house, a little land
And with the Good Lord's helping hand
We'll lead a simple life with country pride

As the seasons come and go
There's a rhythm to their flow
And you have a time to work and play and rest
In the woods go take a walk
On the front porch sit and talk
We find the simple pleasures are the best

I like living in the country
It don't take much to keep me satisfied
A little house, a little land
And with the Good Lord's helping hand
We'll lead a simple life with country pride

A mockingbird's sweet song
The dance of fireflies
It's here that we belong
It is here happiness lies

In the cities I am told
Folks are striving for that gold
And their clothes and cars and houses are so fine
Well they have my sympathy
Far as I can see
They've bought everything but peace of mind

I like living in the country
A little house, a little land
And with the Good Lord's helping hand
We'll lead a simple life with country pride


Heart Of The Hills vol. 1 - 3


words & music by Mardell McCombs
© Talking Rock Publishing


Americania Political Folk Multi Genre Alternative Country Music singer songwriter Mardell McCombs shares music from her album STATE OF THE UNION, an album she hopes will not only rock you, but lyrics that will, hopefully, inspire you to think and act. Lyrics that may open your mind to view issues from a different perspective. To find solutions we must clearly see things from every vantage.

A unbiased musical journey into some of the issues Americans face in the current sociological, economic, and political areana of today.

A concept album that should be heard stright through from the begining, The American Dream, to the ending Power To The People - in that order - 1 thru 13!

The jewel at the end - Power To The People, a song which senseably states that "we the people" are not powerless, we can improve the world by a simple process of intellegent selective consumerism. We can make change!



Hi, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Harmony and Happiness, All the best,




Many of the songs on the Heart Of The Hills collection are similar to the "Child Ballads".

The "Child Ballads" are traditional ballads from England and Scotland, and their American variants, anthologized by Francis James Child during the second half of the 19th century. Thus the name - Child Ballads. Their lyrics, and Child's studies of them, were published as The English and Scottish Popular Ballads.

The majority of the ballads date to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Although some are claimed to have very ancient influences, only a handful can be definitively traced too before 1600.

Mardell, as a child, roamed freely in the woods and hills of Appalachia, hearing many of these, and variants of these, old songs. Mardell has put tunes to and sung the lyrics of some ballads as she remembers them in this three album music collection; Heart Of The Hills vol. 1 - 3.

Mardell does not claim that the songs on the Heart Of The Hills trilogy are authentic reproductions of Childs research or that they are all from the Child Ballad Collection, they are simply her interpretation of what she heard, felt, saw, and loved as a child.

Child Ballads are generally heavier and darker than is usual for ballads, a few of the ballads are rather bawdy. Ballads are an interesting insight into the human condition of centuries past, they were the news and entertainment of the times, how history, legends, wisdom, morality and ethnics were passed from generation to generation. Story telling in verse and song was the method for passing knowledge in a time when few people could read or write.

On one extreme, some of the ballads recount identifiable historical people, in known events, embellished for dramatic effect. On the other, some differ from fairy tales solely by their being songs and in verse; some have been recast in prose form as fairy tales.

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