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Mardell Shares Stories - a weekly podcast presenting stories read aloud from great classic books and short stories, suitable for the entire family. Adventure Stories, Westerns, Fantasy, Romance stories, Fairy Tales and more. Something for all ages and all walks of life!

Also for sale at BandCamp are some great Tee-Shirts that go along with ideals presented on the audio CD "State Of The Union",  a political folk / rock and roll musical journey addressing issues facing America and the world today. 


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Heart Of The Hills vol.1
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State Of The Union audio CD
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cabin in the hills

Americana, Political Folk, Alternative Country Music, Multi Genre Female Singer Songwriter and Story Teller Mardell McCombs portrays all the beauty, magic, and mystery of the simple country life on this audio CD "CABIN IN THE HILLS". Tales of Love and Loss, Tales of Ancient Family Feuds, Tales Of Moonshiners, Tales Of Grandma, Tales of Hard Times and Good Times, Tales about Country Tradition and more.

heart of the hills

Many of the songs on the Heart Of The Hills audio CD trilogy Vol. 1 - 3, a collection of mountain ballads by singer songwriter Mardell McCombs, are akin to the "Child Ballads".

The Child ballads are traditional ballads from England and Scotland, and their American variants, anthologized by Francis James Child during the second half of the 19th century. Their lyrics, and Child's studies of them, were published as The English and Scottish Popular Ballads in 1860.

The majority of the ballads date to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Although some are claimed to have very ancient influences, only a handful can be definitively traced to before 1600.

Mardell, as a child, roamed freely in the woods and hills of Appalachia, hearing many of these, and variants of these, old songs from West Virginia and Carolina mountain folk. Mardell has put tunes too, and sung the lyrics of these ballads as she remembers them, in this three album music collection; Heart Of The Hills - Vol. 1 - 3.

Mardell does not claim that the songs on the Heart Of The Hills trilogy are authentic reproductions of Childs research or that they are all from the Child Ballad Collection, they are simply her interpretation of what she heard, felt, saw, and loved as a child.

Ballads are an interesting insight into the human condition of centuries past, song and storytelling were the news and entertainment of the times, the method that history, legends, wisdom, morality and ethnics were passed from generation to generation. Story telling in verse and song was the method for passing knowledge and keeping tradition alive in a time when few people could read or write.

On one extreme, some of the ballads recount identifiable historical people, in known events, embellished for dramatic effect. On the other, some differ from fairy tales solely by their being songs and in verse, and some have been recast in prose form as fairy tales.

In these ballads, dating mainly from the 1600 to 1700’s you will find the following tales:

  • The ghost of a dearly departed summoned from the grave gives doleful warnings.
  • A fair maid receives nocturnal visitations from a shape-shifting sea creature.
  • Plus a serial killer, murder most foul, infanticide, love, lust, betrayal and the mother-in-law from hell!
  • Not to mention the curious case of the Little Pig.

In volume 2 you will find:

  • Noble knights and fair ladies.
  • Ignoble knights and faithless ladies.
  • A dastardly villain gets his comeuppance!
  • The sorrows and pleasures of love.
  • Bonnie Prince Charlie takes the cake.
  • A lively groundhog hunt. (Hey Grandpa! What’s for supper?)
  • And the ever popular talking parrot.

In this final trilogy of mountain ballads:

  • More medieval melodrama!
  • Including, but not limited too-
  • Murder, mysticism, magic, marriage, tragic love and cruel vengeance.
  • An elfin knight, a wicked sister and a really creepy town.
  • Another talking bird. (A very fine bird.)
  • And a ram worthy of P. T. Barnum.

state of the union

An old fashioned serious political folk / rock and roll style musical journey that takes a look at issues facing America and the World at large today. A inward perspective of where we are as a people, questioning how we got here, and offering up some simple solutions. Music and lyrics not aimed at causing chaos but intending to make people think and work towards a common goal - peach and harmony - in a world gone wrong.

  • Power To The People!      Make Change VOTE Your Dollar!

mardell shares stories

It’s storytime!  Choose a podcast and begin your adventure.

  • ASTOUNDING STORIES OF SPACE AND TIME Short stories by classic Science Fiction authors.
  • LOVE’S TENDER FLAME  Complete novels for romantic hearts to thrill to!
  • THE MARVELOUS LAND OF OZ  All 14 original Oz books you loved as a child, to rediscover and share with your own.
  • STORIES FROM THE SHADOWS  Gothic tales of the supernatural from the golden age of ghost stories. Keep the lights on!
  • TALES OF WONDER Classic fairy tales
  • THE LOCKED ROOM  Mystery and Detective fiction from the Golden Age of Crime writers.
  • THE SAGEBRUSH TRAIL  Saddle up for Western Adventure from the Pecos to the Yukon.
  • THRILLING ADVENTURES Pirates, Swashbucklers, Explorers, Hidden Treasure.
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